Alvaro Sanchez

alvaro-sanchezAlvaro Sanchez, Director, Environmental Equity, The Greenlining Institute

Alvaro S. Sanchez is an urban planner with extensive experience crafting, implementing and evaluating strategies that leverage private and public investments to deliver community benefits to impacted communities. Alvaro is The Greenlining Institute’s Director of Environmental Equity. He leads a team that develops policies to improve public health and environmental quality for low-income communities and communities of color while bringing “green” dollars to these communities.

Alvaro is the organizational lead overseeing the implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, SB 535 (De Leon, 2012), and AB 1550 (Gomez, 2016). He also oversees Greenlining’s work on Transformative Climate Communities, California’s comprehensive and scalable approach to greenhouse gas reduction that advance local climate action in disadvantaged communities through an integrated, community-based approach. For over a decade Alvaro has worked on economic development and land use issues throughout California and worked on leveraging stormwater and green infrastructure investments nationally to catalyze economic development in impacted communities.